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Staffing & Recruitment

We are the leading staffing and recruitment company in the United States. We are a talent development firm that specializes in hiring and recruiting professionals who specialize in providing IT staffing services to all your organization’s needs. We are a people company. We help you improve your organization’s life inside and outside the office space. We recruit technical experts that allow your organization excel in the global world.



We employ a systematic process of hiring, recruiting, and staffing that helps you put the right people on the job. We adopt a cost-effective model that allows our customers to successfully evaluate, acquire, recruit, talented and motivated individuals. We offer an integrated and flexible hiring and staffing procedure to meet your organization’s most important needs. Consultative approach to provide customized solutions, which includes temporary, contract-to-hire, and direct-hire placements.

Euphoria Tech Corporation provides a remarkable level of services to organizations in the United State. We have the right expertise to solve your staffing needs from clerical to administrative, industrial to technical and many more. We are committed to providing maximum satisfaction to all our numerous clients. Our recruitment and staffing services covers the following.


Temporary staffing: Flexible, responsive temporary staffing support to meet your specific needs One-stop staffing source covering a wide range of professional and technical skill sets.

Temp-to-hire Staffing: Temporary-to-hire staffing gives you the unique option to evaluate an employee's performance on-site before making a final hiring decision-ensuring the employee is a good fit with co-workers, company culture and day-today responsibilities.

Direct Hire Solution: Finding direct-hire talent for your long-term needs requires different recruiting techniques than traditional, temporary and contingent staffing Longer than any other staffing firm, ETC has been a trailblazer of recruiting practices, building requirement success on the value of quality people. Which is why we have several solution specifically focused on helping you find the right talent for your organization, whether it's one person or many.

On-Site Management: If you've got a high-volume temporary workforce, it pays to have an on-site workforce partner. The ETC on-site management solution provides a strategic framework for delivering talent, minimizing your risk and creating innovative ways to support your business goals.

Payroll Services: Let us help you alleviate your administrative payroll burdens. We've been providing centralized payroll services. From traditional payroll services to manages solution a-la-carte value-added options, we'll work with you to develop customized payroll outsourcing plan that will again and flex with your talent strategy and help meet your business goals.

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