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The benefits of a global delivery model (also known as a dual-shore or blended delivery model) are significant and vary depending on the project. They include: scalability, standardized processes, methods and tools; specialized technology skills; proximity to clients; and time-zone advantages—to deliver high-quality solutions under demanding time-frames, emphasizing quality and reduced risk.


Offshore Model


Onsite Model


Offshore Development



Under this model all project development requirements are covered, starting from efficient ideation to deployment and maintenance. It also supports outsourcing models where you can rely on us to complete your project on time and in the budget that we agreed. We keep you posted with detailed activity and stage of the project with constant communication by our project managers.

  • Dynamic Go-to-market strategy.
  • Flexible Resource Allocation.
  • Reduced Overall Risk.
  • Time difference Advantage.
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Under this model, the project requirements are detailed out, we review them and carry out the project execution on your location or site. Our seasoned developers, quality analysts, testers and deployment specialists ensure that your project is completed efficiently and cost-effectively. Also, you can screen and shortlist developers and change engagement model to suit your business.

  • Direct Control/Supervision.
  • High-Quality Deliverables.
  • Highly Secure and Proprietary Information.
  • On-Time, On-Budget Solutions.
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Under this model you have the advantage of having a virtual extension to your in-house team for project development and requirements. You screen and select your resources and we mutually agree upon a payment model of your choice, your team sits on our premises, directly under your control and reporting. Logistical and technical support will be extended when necessary along with facilitation of payments and other norms.

The main advantage of this model is that the entire team reports directly to you, giving you unwavering access. They adapt to your business practices and methodologies of software development and project management.

  • A devoted core team is assigned.
  • A specific location or facility where your corporate brand houses.
  • An exclusively designed infrastructure.
  • Appointed security policy is designed according to your requirements and regulations.
  • Team flexibility to monitor as per the company’s requirements and budget.
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Need more reasons?


Increased flexibility

As the requirements of a specific project or overall application support changes over time, modifying the team is more easily done with a partner offering a global delivery model. The team composition can be changed to match the right resources for the task and the right mix of onshore (same time zone for ease of communication and work coordination) and offshore for lower cost and round the clock delivery.


Increased focus on core business

Business can stay focused on strengthening their company's core business while having efficient outsourced partners provide cost savings on the company’s non-core functions. With the challenges of attracting and retaining top IT talent, organizations are better positioned by having their employees work on new development and exciting IT tasks while sharing the more routine tasks with team members offshore. This helps retain and develop critical employees.


Added strategic value

A good strategic partner can add value in leveraging the various technologies and solutions used to provide value to other clients, without compromising confidential information, of course. The partner may come to the table with valuable IP – applications, frameworks, test libraries and will be willing to invest in POC’s in many cases to benefit both the client and their consultancy as well.



Companies can have access to industry experts without having to increase headcount and the associated fixed costs. Organizations can also take advantage of lower cost offshore resources as part of the team composition. The benefits of global development can only be realized if you select a partner who carefully manages their resources, their teams and client communications to ensure that offshore project teams deliver business benefits while reducing the client’s management overhead.

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