Customer Experience Management



  • Handle inbound customer care calls
  • Great customer experiences by voice, email, web chat, and social media
  • Activate the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) facility for customers who want to speak to service agents
  • Provide round-the-clock technical support and / or technical helpdesks for any query resolution on billing statements, operational issues, change of service features, additional services required, etc.
  • Offer multilingual agent interaction for a range of services
  • Customer Experience As a Services(CaaS): Whether placing an order, seeking help with a product or service or sharing their experience with others, customers connect with your business through multiple channels.
  • Euphoria allows your organization to work with a team of professionals that are there to assist your customers with any questions they have when help is needed most. Our agents are trained to professionally and compassionately represent your brand by voice for inbound calls for customer assistance, as well as outbound calls for sales, collections, follow-up inquiries, and other customer-relationship services.
  • Email Customer Support: Many on-the-go customers prefer the convenience of email when reaching out to businesses. EUPHORIA make it easy to have a team in place that will answer inquiries that are sent to your inbox. Through email and other written communication channels, our agents are trained to be exceptional representatives of your business, with a professional and compassionate touch that builds strong brand loyalty.
  • Live Web Chat Customer Support: Our multichannel contact centre software platform supports web chat for your business. Web chat is a perfect channel for helping and educating customers as they interact with your website and assisting them if they have any issues with online ordering and check-out. Our agents also understand how a helpful web chat experience can result in increased sales, return business, and word-of-mouth recommendations.

Lead Sourcing


Euphoria offers enriching possibilities for your outsourcing and near-sourcing needs with
cost-effective and professionally proven solutions. We can easily run the following campaigns
for you:

  • B2B and B2C Lead Generation (Telemarketing)
  • Appointment Generation (BANT e’)
  • Profiling (Business Intelligence)
  • White Paper Syndication (Permission Based)
  • Event Registration
  • Custom Contact List Development
  • Client Call Back Leads (Retainer)

Staffing & Recruitment                                  


  • Pre-Qual Recruitment
  • Virtual Search Support
  • Sourcing Services
  • Full Lifecycle – Search & Recruitment Support
  • Market Mapping
  • Temporary Staffing
  • Market Entry
  • Payroll Outsourcing Services

IT for Business Enablement


Euphoria has extensive skill sets to deliver on your needs in multiple business domains and
technology platforms. Our development centers in the US, near-shore centers in
Trinidad & Tobago and offshore centers in India offer IT solutions and support services round
the clock.

Euphoria teams have demonstrated capabilities in:

  • Implementation of Commercially Off-The-Shelf (COTS) products
  • Custom Software Development on the web and mobile platforms
  • Performance evaluation and enhancement of Legacy Applications
  • Applications Portfolio Rationalization
  • Data Migration
  • Software Testing Services
  • Social Media Analytics
  • ISO 9000, ISO 27000 and ISO 20000 Certification
  • Information System Audits
  • Technology Training
  • Packaged Financial Solutions, AR/AP, Check Truncating System
  • Gaming platforms/gaming solution development

Gaming & Mobility


Euphoria, an upcoming Gaming Studio that loves to learn, collaborate and create state of art games.
Here, we strive for quality in all our gaming services. We make games for all platforms, be it Android, IOS,
PC or Windows.

Our passion is games development. We have an in-house team of mobile Game Developers (Unity3D
and Cocos 2Dx), Artists and Designers. We have the right experience and passionate IT Professionals
for developing games.

Our full-fledged game teams provide end-to-end gaming services for mobile phones, tablets and PCs
that run on IOS, Android or Windows. We build games using industry stanmiddlewareware like Unity3D
& Unreal to address the clients’ objectives. Our teams can cover parts or the entire gaming development
life-cycle – from inception to sunset.

We offer Game QA Testing services on all OS platforms including iOS, Android, Windows, Linux, OS X and even the emerging platforms
such as AR & VR. We have tested number of Video Games (Casual Games, Online Games, Facebook Games, and various genres) for a
successful and bug-free market release on different hardware/system combinations

At Euphoria we have highly effective tools for outsourcing DATA MANAGEMENT.


Euphoria provides automated and manual data management at various locations around the globe to its clients.Manual data entry is commonly used to gather metadata from mismanaged and semi-managed forms. These data entry services are prone to errors, which at later stage can lead to disorder for an organization that depends on accurate data

  • Data Capture
  • Document Scanning & Imaging
  • Document Processing



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